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Then she takes the soap and begins to wash him too.Pressing her breasts into his back as she glides the bar across his chest.She is calling out his name and screaming as he moves up her body again."Oh my.That was something else." She sighs kissing his mouth."I have wanted to do that for a while." He tells her as she pushes the robe he is wearing off him.Down his belly, pressing her nails lightly into the trail of hair that leads downwards.

She can feel herself quickening and when she reaches her orgasm it crashes around her harder than it ever has before.When he is done she turns him around under the shower head so she can have her fun with him.Amy takes shampoo and makes him lean down so she can wash his hair.When he is done he grabs a bar of soap and starts washing her body. Pausing between her legs briefly before bending down and finishing her whole leg.She can feel his warm slick chest pressed into her back as the bar glides over her skin leaving a sudsy trail. The process his leaving her feel achy with longing for him.

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