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There were nine stopping off points with landing stages during a complete […] Paris is always a good idea says author Mark Pryor as he shares his reasons to love Paris…

Mark’s best selling Hugo Marston mystery sellers are set in Paris including The Bookseller, The Sorbonne Affair and The Paris Librarian.

A child born in France, where neither parent is French may request French nationality at the age of 18 – if they are resident in France.

A child who has lived in […] The death of a friend or relative can be a traumatic and distressing experience and if it occurs while they are living in or visiting a foreign country, unfamiliarity with proceedings is very likely to add to an already difficult situation for you.

Sweet as they are, they cause furry havoc in my home and garden”.He was killed, aged 17, during the Battle for High Wood on The Somme.He had […] An insider’s view on life in the French Alps.You might say, that having lived in the French Alps for the last 15 years that Helen Watts, director and teacher at the Alpine French School in Morzine, Haut-Savoie, is living the dream, but has it all been plain sailing and what’s expat life really […] Having visited many of the most loved and stunning French attractions over the years, my husband and I are always on the lookout for undiscovered, out of the way places, depending on our route.By renting a car, navigating small roads and having a flexible itinerary, we allow for an easier access to unknown places.

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