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The production function takes the general form Y=f(K, L), where Y is the amount of output produced, K is the amount of capital stock used and L is the amount of labor used.In economic theory, physical capital is one of the three primary factors of production, also known as inputs in the production function.They present a surrealistic imagination world that comes from the mind of their creators.They are hard to watch, especially when they mix real characters that live their lives sometimes awaken, or inside one big dream or their own dreams."Wake up, Columbus", the words of his mother and Axel's hope to find something in the land already discovered by that man.

The Cadillac automobile was selected for the film because it was and continues to represent the epitomy (sic) of American automobile design." See more » Some movies only work if we let ourselves carry away by them.A wonderful performance his fans shouldn't miss. I've said it a lot, surely, but I will repeat it.He's like a magician, but not with the cards and the hat and the tricks.With imagination and freedom, Taylor makes her character believable and not as overacted as it might be.Vincent Gallo, who I respect mostly as a director and as an actor that does what he wants, the ability he has had to choose his roles is visible here again; as he shines without lights to help him.

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