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This is the land of William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde.A truly fun way to learn about Irish writers is to go on the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, which takes participants onto the campus of Trinity College as well as to pubs that were either frequented by some of the country's best-loved writers or that served as the settings in novels such as Joyce's .Ireland’s human history does indeed stretch back thousands of years, but even while you’re appreciating stunning landmarks such as Dublin Castle and Donegal Abbey, you’ll be drawn in by the country’s irresistible, alive-and-well culture and verve.After all, there’s amazing traditional music, dancing, and Gaelic games enlivening the natural splendor and medieval monuments!That being said, in addition to the top brands, you will notice neighborhood microbreweries and gastropubs popping up around the island.If you're interested in either Irish whiskey or beer, consider touring a brewery or distillery to see how it's produced and to have a tasting.Having been immortalized in films, books and paintings, Ireland's natural beauty is famed throughout the world.While the eastern section of the country is verdant and fertile, it is often Ireland's rugged, western side that gives the country its iconic landscapes.

Interesting historic sites relating to Ireland, which developed after several waves of invasions by Celtic tribes, include the Hill of Tara and the Rock of Cashel. Known for being both ancient and mystical, this was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

Additionally, the native Irish speakers lost much of their population due to plague, famine and emigration.

However, there are still areas of western Ireland where Gaelic (or Irish) is still the primarily-spoken language.

The Hill of Tara still contains many ancient monuments – including the Stone of Destiny.

And looking out from the hill's summit, on a clear day visitors can see over 20 counties of Ireland.

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