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Their code is designed to integrate and balance various emotions simultaneously as opposed to the one-emotion-at-a time code that standard hubots have.They are still often naive and unworldly and sometimes fail to understand the nuances of complex human behaviour.In the struggle, two of the Hubots are damaged and one of them, Mimi, is seized and taken away by Silas, a black-market Hubot dealer, who has been tracking them in hopes of capturing and selling them.The remaining Hubots, led by a human, Leo Eischer, includes Mimi, Niska, Fred, Gordon, Flash, Marylyn and Max.

She asks clients when their birthdays are and uses that for an astrological prediction. Only question left is, who is coming up with money for productions like that.

She has a boyfriend, Chris (Chris Santos), who's a personal trainer. Not to mention the 'infamous' RED camera: the movie looked like it was shot with some mini DV camera with all highlights totally blown and no depth to the images.

We are shown five non-consecutive days in Chelsea's life. Mixed lighting is a mixed blessing, no matter what camera - somebody please forward that to the 'cinematographer'.

The series follows the resulting emotional effects on two families as well as the trials of a group of robots who have attained free will and want their freedom from human ownership. The series was written by Lars Lundström A second season of ten episodes premiered on SVT1 in October 2013.

In April 2013 it was announced that Lars Lundström was writing a third series, but as of August 2014, SVT is yet to officially announce whether the series will be renewed for a third season.

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