Typing sex chat with friends

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Click ‘broadcast lists’ in the top left, and then ‘new broadcast’. Each friend will think they were the only recipient of this message, and it’s quicker than clicking ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ 20 times. Go into a group chat, click on the chat name, and then the person’s name.

This will tell you how many chats you have in common – so you don’t discuss your mate’s surprise birthday present in a conversation they’re a part of.

Tapping on the message will allow you to jump you straight back to that place in a chat, while you can also star a message when you no longer want to see it.

You could also save a selection of your friends’ wittiest and most hilarious messages using this tool.

Then again, if someone in the squad messages you outside the group chat, you think it's going to be so deep and beyond serious (because why else would they message you privately? Then you read the message and it's just like, "What's the assigned reading in Mr. I'm from Florida, most of the people I have met on here are from India or Iran. Except for fact that almost all are males looking for female attraction.I don't mind but they sometimes ask for nudes or ASL. And due to the fact that this app requires ages 13 and up to use is a bad idea making a predators heaven usable by app.The first option is for eight hours, the standard length of a working day, but you can also mute a particular chat for a week, i.e.work chats when you’re on holiday, or, oddly, a year.

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