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Finally, a fourth seam creates the comb at its' final height of 22 to 27 mm (see figure 2) (ibid.).The front and back gores are attached with whipstitching in dark brown wool, which simulaneously tacked the seam allowance to the outside of the hood (Løvlid 2009: 45).Update: 2 There is now an official English translation underway by Carol Lynn and Dan Halvard Løvlid.See Ceiling for more details, including free downloads.

Indeed, there is still discussion about the gender and ethnicity of the burial, due to the clothing she was found wearing (Kiel, 2003: 1-2, Løvlid, 2008: 3, 6).As the skeleton had decalcified and dissolved in the acidic bog, few pieces of the DNA-containing bones remained that could provide clues.Holck described the skeleton as appearing 'delicate in a rather feminine way', but concluded due to the presence of a knife handle and the tunic and pants of the outfit, that the body must have been male (Holck, 1988: 115).It appears they were wrapped in a checked fabric blanket, and laid upon a reindeer skin (Løvlid, 2009).At the moment, however, I have only translated and summarized information about the hood and under tunic Untill Løvlid's thesis was written, the latest published information about the hood came from Vera Hügels' masters thesis (2005), pages 18 to 20, which are summarized below, with help from Katrin Kania.

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