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From Asos, Damsel in a Dress and Reiss right up to Lanvin, we've got all budgets covered!'Well you are, your name's Richard, literally, sorry I didn't mean anything by that I mean your name's Richard.'Richard, trying to lighten the situation, replied: ‘We could call you Piers Moron'. He continued: 'You've got no respect for English women, you have zero respect for English women, you're a repulsive individual.‘When you’re confronted with smart, intelligent, beautiful women, you can’t handle it.'I think you are right to seek your future in Russia because your chances of getting sex in this country is zero.'Viewers couldn't believe what they had just witnessed, taking to Twitter to brand Piers a hero for sticking up for British women.'He is a D**k and not just by name....he’s a class A prat', one fan posted, while another agreed, 'he's pretty odious.Morgan reported to "I’ve already had some death threats," she admits."But the thing is, it's half death threats because they don't want that happening, and there's half that's just all love."I felt like I was watching a little strip show, but I felt for her too," Morgan revealed."I think this was her moment where she was just showing Jughead like, 'I will do anything for you.Luckily, for those of you who are hoping Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are dating IRL, there's no off-camera drama between the three actors.being not-so-welcoming, we're glad Morgan is having a fun time on set.

Others claimed Piers' blunt put-down was some of the best TV they'd witnessed in ages, enthusing, 'Piers Morgan on #GMB has made my day' and 'Piers Morgan calling a guy a d**k on live TV is the highlight of my morning #GMB'.

"So I might stir up the pot a bit with the Bughead relationship.

There might be a little love triangle."Toni Topaz's presence will only help add more drama to the show.

He's known for his frank style of interviewing and certainly isn't shy about voicing his opinion.

But Piers Morgan took things one step further on Wednesday morning's edition of Good Morning Britain when he branded a dating guru a 'd**k' for claiming British women were too 'entitled' and fat to be in a relationship with.

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